Friday, 13 September 2013

Happy Clients! – 3 Tips for Building Relationships

Vicki Lingwood of KMB Multi-Channel knows a thing or two about keeping customers happy. She has been a Business Development Manager for 14 years. Her advice is:

To grow any business successfully you need customer interaction thus ensuring the speed of closing new business opportunities. Customers buy on trust as they are often outsourcing to ensure that the work is commenced efficiently and frees their time to concentrate on their main job function rather than just part of it.
People Buy People

1. Listen

Identification with and understanding of another's situation and acknowledging their needs. This is achieved by listening well.

2. Trust

You must be believable so your customers have confidence in your business and your ability. You need to follow through on all expectations set.

3. Integrity

Deliver on all actions requested each day your client will have other responsibilities. Actions should be delivered in a timely manner therefore building integrity.

Vicki Lingwood is a Business Development Manager at KMB. She is interested in meeting business owners, company executives, sales managers, sales directors that want to fast forward their appointment setting strategy and integrate LinkedIn for their business development plans. Vicki enjoys Socialisng, Motorbikes/Cycling, Eating Out and DIY.

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